Picture of Brad Lager

JEFFERSON CITY, July 5, 2012 – State Senator Brad Lager, a candidate for Lt. Governor, announced today that he has sent a letter to Governor Nixon, calling upon him to convene a special session of the Missouri General Assembly, so that Missouri can formally opt-out of the mandates and expansions of Obamacare.

Senator Lager also sent a letter to Speaker Tilley and to President Pro Tem Mayer calling on them to convene a special session, in the event Nixon fails to call a special session, so that the legislature can take the action necessary to opt-out of the mandates and expansions of Obamacare.

Lager said, “On August 3, 2010, 71 percent of Missouri voters supported Proposition C and rejected increased government control of healthcare. The people of Missouri did not need the Supreme Court to tell them that our President’s healthcare plan was nothing more than the largest job-killing tax increase in our history—we already knew it.

“The only way we can pay for Missouri’s share of the President’s plan is to enact the largest job-killing tax increase ever in Missouri’s history.  Missourians have spoken; we would rather have jobs for our families, friends and neighbors than another broken-down government program.

“Politically motivated lawsuits and high-priced lawyers are not going to solve the problems in our state.  What we really need is for our state’s elected officials to get to work and lead. It is time for Missouri to notify Washington that we are opting out of Obamacare.”

Brad Lager is a small business owner and job creator.  In 2010, Lager was re-elected to represent the 12th Senatorial District in the Missouri General Assembly.  Brad and his wife Stephanie reside near Savannah with their two children Addison and Andrew. Lager is also a proud graduate of Northwest Missouri State University.