Picture of a Ballot Box

Vote Today

Lee’s Summit, November 4, 2014 – You still have time to vote. To stay home and not vote is to let others define the world in which you live in. To not vote today is to acquiesce to the desires of others. To avoid the responsibility of voting today, is to let all who have fought for your right to cast a ballot down – to tell them their efforts were not worthy of your time.

This is a Link to the Jackson County Election Board – Click Here

The vote is a precious tool. Whether you vote Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian or a mixed ballot, the vote is the thing! The Missouri Secretary of State, the person responsible for the vote in Missouri, predicts only 40% of registered voters will be coming out to vote today.

In some counties the low will be close to fifteen percent (15%) and in others as high as sixty percent (60%). In either case, somewhere between 7.5% plus 1 person up to 30% plus one person will tell the rest of us how we will be represented.

Missouri has roughly four million people eligible to vote today, so as few as 300,001 persons will decide how the other 3.7 million plus their non-voting eligible family members will live for the next 2 years, how they’ll be represented.

I cannot imagine leaving it up to others without expressing my opinion on the ballot box.

I hope you claim your right to vote

Respectfully submitted

The Lee’s Summit Conservative