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Opinion on an Open Letter to President Obama

A friend of mine sent me the following letter and I immediately considered it a hoax perpetrated by the “vast right wing conspiracy” of the Clinton years. I read it carefully shaking my head in the affirmative in various spots… Continue Reading →

Missouri House Rejects Salary Increases

Will Kraus, a very energetic representative from Missouri’s 48th District, Vice Chair of the Utilities Committee, Vice Chair of the Health Care Policy Committee, and a Member of the Job Creation and Economic Development committees as well as Real I.D…. Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Stories (Human and Political)

Tuesday, January 20 2009 is a date that will be remembered as a truly historical date in the United States and by reference the rest of the world. Barack Husain Obama received the oath of office for President of the… Continue Reading →

Here a bailout, there a bailout, everywhere a bailout…

I finally arrived in Guanlan Shenzhen and after many small issues got to the room, turned on the TV to CNN International and had the biggest laugh I’ve had since this Bailout idea came out. Hustler’s Larry Flint and Girls… Continue Reading →

Road Warriors, I Take My Hat Off To You

I travel occasionally for business, but when I do it is typically long distance and rather complicated. Take this trip for instance. I’m traveling from Kansas City to Chicago and catching a flight from Chicago to Shanghai China. Then I’m… Continue Reading →

UAW Bailout, Automotive Bailout a bad idea that won’t work

The Bailout for the banks was wrong. The bailout for the Automotive Industry was wrong. And suing the TARP (Bailout for the banks) to bailout the Automotive Industry is wrong not times two, but to the power of two (like… Continue Reading →

The Automotive Bailout: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Let us start this opinion piece from the bottom up. The Ugly:The House of Representatives and the Senate are getting involved in the bailout and most involved are spending more time figuring out how to get the votes, how to… Continue Reading →

No, for the Automotive Industry Bailout

The G20 came and went without any solutions worth discussing, just like back in 1933. Perhaps that’s not a bad thing at all. Now we have to deal with yet another political push for doing the right thing; Bail Out… Continue Reading →

Letter from Emanuel Cleaver, II; Member of Congress

As I have done with the letters from Kit Bond, and Claire McCaskill I’m going to post the response from Representative Emanuel Cleaver, II regarding the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. The first part of this BLOG will be… Continue Reading →

Senator Claire McCaskill Responds to my letters on the bailout

I’m going to take the same approach to Senator McCaskill’s response by covering the issues I have with the response, and then let you read the complete response and let you make up your mind. What I do ask you… Continue Reading →

Senator Kip Bond (R-MO) Responds

The letter below from Senator Kip Bond actually makes me more concerned about the people we have in Washington, and the supposed CONSERVATIVES that are elected by the Republican party. Let me point out the things I take issue with… Continue Reading →

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