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Snow Update, Public Meetings, New Businesses

Snow Update: With snow expected in the metropolitan area early in the morning on Sunday, Dec. 8, the City of Lee’s Summit will have a 10-person snow removal crew reporting to work at 11 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 7.  The… Continue Reading →

Sustainability Action Plan Discussed at Lee’s Summit City Council

LEE’S SUMMIT, DECEMBER 8, 2012 – Environment and Natural Resources committee Chair Bob Johnson, Brian Whitley and Rob Binney held the first of three meetings to discuss the Sustainability Action Plan for the City of Lee’s Summit.  Brian Scott, Deputy… Continue Reading →

Deffenbaugh Industries Gets Temporary Restraining Order

LEE’S SUMMIT, October 17, 2011 – A great e-mail went out today from Councilpersons Whitley and Gray regarding the current state of the Solid Waste and Curbside Recycling RFP from the City of Lee’s Summit. A temporary restraining order was… Continue Reading →

Lee’s Summit Single Hauler RFP Moves Forward

LEE’S SUMMIT,   August 19, 2011 – The single hauler Request For Proposal (RFP) has been issues according to the Cities Environmental Website: During the August 11, 2011 City Council meeting, the City Council voted to direct City staff to issue the RFP… Continue Reading →

Missouri HR918 – Freedom to Choose Trash Collection Services Act

Lee’s Summit, April 6, 2011 – Representative Sheila Solon (MO-55) introduced a bill which requires voter approval of any contract with a single-source provider of trash collection in certain cities, towns and villages.  The bill has been read twice and… Continue Reading →

Single Hauler – Just because you “can” does not mean you should

Lee’s Summit, March 16, 2011 – The fact that Government can do something, does not mean they should.  It appears to be a repetitive and consistent theme with Government; they tend to do things that are not necessarily best for… Continue Reading →

Citywide Solid Waste – Single Hauler Proposal

Lee’s Summit, November 27, 2010 – The City of Lee’s Summit is exploring a program for Solid Waste / Curbside Recycling Program that would limit citizen’s choices and award a contract for the entire city. As required by law, on… Continue Reading →

Lees Summit City Council – Part 3 – Economic Development

Lee’s Summit, August 24, 2010 – In this, the third part of my series on City Council I wanted to spend some time getting to understand what the is going on in terms of Economic Development.  As Councilman Whitley and… Continue Reading →

Lees Summit City Council – Part 2 – Budgets

Lee’s Summit, August 20, 2010 – Continuing the series on the Lee’s Summit City Council; I was concerned about the budget.  I am a fiscal conservative and in my years in the business world I’ve learned that cash is usually… Continue Reading →

Lee’s Summit City Council – Part 1 – Expectations

Lee’s Summit, August 18, 2010 – On a bright sunny Saturday morning I met Councilman Brian Whitley at City Hall for an interview.  My stated goal for the interview was rather simple: What is the function of a city councilman… Continue Reading →

Lee’s Summit Retirement Plan

Lee’s Summit, August 16, 2010 – Last week I received an e-mail from a reader who asked me if I knew about the City of Lee’s Summits policy on retirement contribution and whether or not it was properly funded.  The… Continue Reading →

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