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The 2011 Budget: Government Shutdown Looms

Lee’s Summit, April 5, 2011– OK, will you explain something to me please?  Was the 2011 budget not the responsibility of Reid and Pelosi last year at this time?  Why are we still talking about it?  Oh, yeah: Because they… Continue Reading →

Democrats stampede out of Washington

Democrats Stampede out of Washington Lee’s Summit, October 4, 2010 – Last week, with critical business still to be done, the democrats headed home to campaign without extending the current tax rates.  This is not leadership but rather complete arrogance… Continue Reading →

The Give Me Liberty Rally in Lee’s Summit

Lee’s Summit, July 7, 2010 – Today there was a gathering of conservatives in Lee’s Summit: Some 750 to 1,000 people showed up.  They came from Clay and Cass counties as well as from the city itself.  The gathering flowed… Continue Reading →

A Call To Conservatives – Prepare yourself to vote

Lee’s Summit, June 6, 2010 – This past weekend our wonderful city put on a great get together; called Lee’s Summit’s Downtown Days.  The weather was great, the crowds were wonderful and business was booming.  As I walked down 3rd… Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Real Message to Government

Lee’s Summit, May 19, 2010.  The first test in the primaries is over and the people of the United States sent a clear message: Fiscal Conservatives IN, spendthrifts and self serving politicians OUT. The health care issue is not dead. … Continue Reading →

We The People Need to Send a Clear Message with our Votes

April 30, 2010 – Shanghai China – The time to sit idly by is truly over.  We The People of these United States need to let our government know; peacefully, honorably, and respectfully that we do not wish to have… Continue Reading →

Representative Will Kraus – MO District 48; Good thoughts on a sad day

Enough of Health Care.  Enough of the bad economy.  Enough of all the doom, on a day when many soldiers at Fort Hood lost their lives.  Enough of the negativity.  Enough of politics as usual.  Simply: Enough! There is a… Continue Reading →

Jobs saved? I truly have to question the logic and numbers.

Saved jobs are a great idea and something very hard to prove, no matter how many equations and mathematicians are involved. Have you ever had a moment when just wanted to go back in time and put duct tape in… Continue Reading →

Czars in America: Why and who do they answer to?

Where do all these Czars come from and what do they do? Gil Kerlikowske – Drug CzarYet to Be Named – Cyber-Security CzarKenneth Feinberg is the Pay Czar,Nancy-Ann De Parle – Health Reform Czar,Alan Bersin – Border CzarCass Sunstein –… Continue Reading →

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