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Read My Lips Moment for Trump

PLEASANT HILL, JANUARY 3, 2019 – The reason I did not vote for George Bush in the 1992 election was very simple.  During the 1988 campaign he made it clear, “Read my lips. No new taxes.” President George Herbert Walker… Continue Reading →

Emanuel Cleaver – Ignorance or Malice?

PLEASANT HILL, OCTOBER 6, 2018 – Today I received from U.S. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver a newsletter entitled “The Effects of Tariffs.”  It makes me wonder who wrote this for him; since Congressman Cleaver has always been against open borders and… Continue Reading →

A Younger Donald Trump on Oprah

William Bogert Second Campaign Ad 2016 vs 1964

LEE’S SUMMIT, AUGUST 28, 2016 – William Bogert, an actor whose name may not be a household name.  You can see his name on IMDB (click here) and you’ll recognize Dog Day Afternoon, MASH, the Facts of Life, and my… Continue Reading →

The Trump Disorder

LEE’S SUMMIT, APRIL 3, 2016 – Donald Trump holds his own against the onslaught from establishment Republicans.  The outsider’s view – and I consider myself as far an outsider as you are – is that the political class only wants… Continue Reading →

The South Carolina Republican Primary

LEE’S SUMMIT, FEBRUARY 21, 2016 – Donald Trump wins the South Carolina Primary, and Jeb Bush suspends his campaign after coming in a distant fourth. Candidate Percent Votes Donald Trump 32.40%        239,626 Marco Rubio 22.40%          165,805 Ted Cruz… Continue Reading →

New Hampshire Primary – Arianna all up in a Huff

LEE’S SUMMIT, FEBRUARY 10, 2016 – The Huffington Post heralded the victor of the New Hampshire Primary with the headline “WAY TO GO, N.H.! RACIST, SEXIST DEMAGOGUE WINS FIRST PRIMARY” so let’s see who won. Turnout: 550,000 ballots were cast… Continue Reading →

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