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Thank You, Mr. President.

Lee’s Summit, May 31, 2010 – I received the picture from someone who asked me what I thought.  I read the contents and thought there isn’t much to add. In 2008 we all went to the voting booth and once… Continue Reading →

We The People Need to Send a Clear Message with our Votes

April 30, 2010 – Shanghai China – The time to sit idly by is truly over.  We The People of these United States need to let our government know; peacefully, honorably, and respectfully that we do not wish to have… Continue Reading →

Debt is a Cancer,

April 25, 2010, Somewhere between Chicago and Shanghai – I struck up a conversation with the bursar on American’s Airline’s flight; she bristled at a Glenn Beck comment I made yet she was very knowledgeable on the history of civil… Continue Reading →

Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) Announces Earmarks For Area

Missouri’s 5th Congressional District Representative Emanuel Cleaver posts the area’s earmarks.  The good news, he’s sticking to the transparency commitment and a giving heart.  The bad news, the country has a twelve trillion dollar debt and we’re hading out money…. Continue Reading →

Why One American is Angry…

As all know I came to the US in 1970 and worked hard to learn the language and the culture of this great country.  The focus was on learning all I could, studying and some day picking up the yoke… Continue Reading →

Missouri to the Federal Government, Thanks by No Thanks

Representative Will Kraus votes to tell the Federal Government that while we appreciate their efforts, we truly don’t think that the Federal Government listened to the vast majority of Americans when it passed the Health Care bill earlier this week…. Continue Reading →

A Democracy Will Only Last Until…

In 1787, while our first 13 states adopted their new constitution, Alexander Tyler who was a Scottish History Professor at the University of Edinburgh, said this about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2000 years earlier: “A democracy is… Continue Reading →

Write to Your Congressman and Senator: Now is not the time to be timid

Following my own advice I decided to write yet another letter to Missouri’s 5th District Democrat Representative Emanuel Cleaver II.  I would hope that someone out there will remind Mr Cleaver that we put him in office (regardless of how… Continue Reading →

Ethics Bill Debate at the Missouri State Capital

Typically I am fundamentally opposed to anything that limits a citizen’s constitutional right.  Who I vote for, how they present their ideas, and how I study their candidacy should be left up to me.  Upon reading this legislation as proposed… Continue Reading →

No Loans for jobs? Is that why you think the economy is tanking?

Today I was listening to the radio on my way to lunch and once again it was pointed out that President Obama, in talking to small businesses found that the biggest problem for small business in the United States is… Continue Reading →

Health Care Summit – Wrong Intentions and Foundation.

On Sunday February 7, 2010 President Obama called for a Health Care televised summit with the GOP.  The call for the meeting came after the President vowed on Saturday to overcome a “blizzard” of political opposition and salvage his health… Continue Reading →

Iran Today: An Unintended Consequence

How did Iran become so bold so quickly? The Axis of Evil, Iran, Iraq and North Korea, all got their start during the 1990’s while 8 years were spent under the last Democratic relatively liberal administration. Starting in 1980 President… Continue Reading →

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