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Jerry Nolte: Court Ruling “Devastating Blow To Personal Liberties”

Congressional Candidate, State Representative Jerry Nolte R-Gladstone, called today’s ruling by the Supreme Court a devastating blow to personal liberties and our ability to create jobs and opportunities for everyone. Nolte observed that the court rightly defines the mandate as… Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Emmanuel Cleaver, US Representative 5th District

Dear Representative Cleaver, November 2nd is fast approaching, and I have written to you previously regarding the Health Care Bill that you voted for in every occasion.  The polls showed at the time that the 5th district was opposed to… Continue Reading →

Primary Results Send Message To Political Machines

Lee’s Summit, August 3, 2010 – The primaries are over in Missouri and the message is clear: True Conservatives Win and the political machines and special interests are told, thanks but no thanks. The work for most is just beginning. … Continue Reading →

From MO. Rep Will Kraus, Propocition C

A number of people have contacted my office asking about Proposition C, the question on health care that will be on the ballot next Tuesday, August 3, in the upcoming primary election.  Next Tuesday, you will have the chance to… Continue Reading →

Citizen’s Group “Lee’s Summit Senate” Supports Will Kraus

Lee’s Summit, July 23, 2010 – This morning at the Starbucks on Chipman road, at their thrice weekly meeting of the Lee’s Summit Senate, the members sat down to talk about the District 8 Senate race with Representative Will Kraus. … Continue Reading →

The Give Me Liberty Rally in Lee’s Summit

Lee’s Summit, July 7, 2010 – Today there was a gathering of conservatives in Lee’s Summit: Some 750 to 1,000 people showed up.  They came from Clay and Cass counties as well as from the city itself.  The gathering flowed… Continue Reading →

Guest Column: Proposition C: A “Yes” Vote Rejects Obamacare in Missouri

Lee’s Summit, July 6, 2010 – An important vote will be on the ballot on August 3 – a state referendum on Obamacare called Proposition C.   While many states have passed legislation against Obamacare, Missouri is the first state to… Continue Reading →

Rep. Kraus Votes to Protect Health Care Choice in Missouri

Lee’s Summit – On May 12, Rep. Will Kraus struck a resounding blow to protect our health care freedom by voting “yes” to give Missourians a choice to make health care decisions without purchase requirements from the federal government.  Originating… Continue Reading →

Roy Blunt’s voting record in his years as a Representative for Missouri

These are the votes I’m most interested in, and how Roy Blunt Voted.  Actions speak louder than the campaign speeches. Health Care – Voted noTARP Recipients Bonuses Tax – Voted YesStimulus Package – Voted NoTARP Bailout – Voted Yes Roy… Continue Reading →

The Tenth Amendment and Health Care

Lee’s Summit, May 3rd, 2010 – I got curious since all these states have been talking about fighting health care in federal court to see the basis in the constitution.  We all can just about quote that the constitution limits… Continue Reading →

We The People Need to Send a Clear Message with our Votes

April 30, 2010 – Shanghai China – The time to sit idly by is truly over.  We The People of these United States need to let our government know; peacefully, honorably, and respectfully that we do not wish to have… Continue Reading →

Why One American is Angry…

As all know I came to the US in 1970 and worked hard to learn the language and the culture of this great country.  The focus was on learning all I could, studying and some day picking up the yoke… Continue Reading →

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