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Guest Column: Standing Up and Speaking Out

Lee’s Summit (From the Office of Representative Will Kraus: MO 48th District) – As a Representative who believes in open government, I want to keep readers informed on what bills we passed in the House, what I voted for and… Continue Reading →

Rep. Kraus Votes to Protect Health Care Choice in Missouri

Lee’s Summit – On May 12, Rep. Will Kraus struck a resounding blow to protect our health care freedom by voting “yes” to give Missourians a choice to make health care decisions without purchase requirements from the federal government.  Originating… Continue Reading →

The Tenth Amendment and Health Care

Lee’s Summit, May 3rd, 2010 – I got curious since all these states have been talking about fighting health care in federal court to see the basis in the constitution.  We all can just about quote that the constitution limits… Continue Reading →

Ethics Bill Debate at the Missouri State Capital

Typically I am fundamentally opposed to anything that limits a citizen’s constitutional right.  Who I vote for, how they present their ideas, and how I study their candidacy should be left up to me.  Upon reading this legislation as proposed… Continue Reading →

Imagine That, A MO State Representative Giving Back Tax Money

Missouri State Representative Will Kraus wrote on his March 3rd that, “This past week house bill 82, which I filed to help retired military personnel, made it through the Committee on Rules and was perfected and printed in last night’s… Continue Reading →

Missouri House Rejects Salary Increases

Will Kraus, a very energetic representative from Missouri’s 48th District, Vice Chair of the Utilities Committee, Vice Chair of the Health Care Policy Committee, and a Member of the Job Creation and Economic Development committees as well as Real I.D…. Continue Reading →

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