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Orion Soars into Space and Back

LEE’S SUMMIT, DECEMBER 6, 2014 – “There is your new spacecraft America!” Rob Navias said as the Orion Capsule neared the water only one and a half miles from its designate splashdown point off of Baja California. Those words may… Continue Reading →

Reaching Out for the Stars

  In recent years, NASA, has ramped up deep space exploration. Granted, we haven’t been sending people out into the far flung reaches of space, but we have been looking, watching, and waiting. Missions like Kepler, Opportunity, and Hyugens have… Continue Reading →

China Pays Homage To America And Its Scientific Contributions To China’s Space Program

LEE’S SUMMIT, October 26, 2011 – China is getting ready to launch the Shenzhou-8 spacecraft in early November.  This is the next step in China’s development of their space capability – learning how to dock in space.  America is still… Continue Reading →

China Space Program Advances as US Wonders What’s Next

SHENZHEN CHINA, September 27, 2011 – The long march to space continues for China as it stalls in the United States.  In today’s Shenzhen Daily, as I read it at the airport, the headline reads: Tiangong-1 launch planned at 9:16… Continue Reading →

Privatizing Space Flight

History is being made on the final frontier. Space tourism is becoming a reality, competitors are preparing their lunar rovers, and private companies are expanding into space. People have paid $30 million to get a ride into space. That changes… Continue Reading →

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