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On the Origin of Socialism

After the industrial revolution, the economy of nearly all European countries changed dramatically. The prevailing new system: capitalism. If you are an American reading this, you probably think you know capitalism, but the American economic system is actually a mixed… Continue Reading →

Reaching Out for the Stars

  In recent years, NASA, has ramped up deep space exploration. Granted, we haven’t been sending people out into the far flung reaches of space, but we have been looking, watching, and waiting. Missions like Kepler, Opportunity, and Hyugens have… Continue Reading →

The Fate of Film: Could It Be Like Vinyl?

Vinyl. Audiophiles all over the world claim that vinyl records have a superior sound: richer, fuller, and warmer. Vinyl was the medium of sound for decades. From the birth of recorded music up until magnetic tape was invented. Even after… Continue Reading →

Increasing the Reach of The Lee’s Summit Conservative

Lee’s Summit, June 10, 2010 – Ever since January of this year I’ve been thinking that The Lee’s Summit Conservative needs to grow and expand to reach more people.  The Blogspot has served me well since 2008 but it may… Continue Reading →

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