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Democrats Running Away From The Liberals In Their Party

If you’re not listening to the people, you are not representing them Lee’s Summit, October 6, 2010 –  In Texas Chet Edwards ( is running away from the liberal leadership, in Pennsylvania, Jason Altmire ( is touting his stand against… Continue Reading →

President Obama meets with House Republicans

On January 29, 2009 Baltimore was the site of the post Massachusetts vote obligatory photo opportunity for President Obama to meet with the House Republicans.  The questions were pointed and the responses mostly combative and steeped in the ideological agenda… Continue Reading →

The Shell Game; find the pea under the shell.

I’m sitting here watching news and reading all sorts of news stories about how our wonderful Congress, led by the Democrats with a combined 18% approval rating, is trying to find the cause of the financial debacle. You know the… Continue Reading →

All we have to fear, is fear itself… and those who profit from it

Still traveling through Europe… I had an interesting conversation at lunch today. I sat next to a guy from Holland visiting Verona for a big meeting, he works for a standards group that sets up the communication standards between boilers,… Continue Reading →

Global Coordination, will it work…?

Traveling through Europe this week… I started traveling to Europe back in the 90’s and I remember well the Deutch Mark, the Italian Lira, the Spanish Peseta and the French Franc. Each country had their own currency and its own… Continue Reading →

Barcelona Taxi Driver’s Story

Traveling through Europe this week… Let us face facts, the markets are swinging wildly and “panic” seems to be the word I hear all over Spain and now even in Italy. I had a talk on a long taxi drive… Continue Reading →

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