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Guest Column: Missouri and Arizona: Illegal Immigration Laws

From the Office of  Representative Will KrausMissouri’s 48th District Lee’s Summit – I applaud immigrants who have made the effort to enter and reside in the U.S. legally.  They will continue to contribute to making this a great country.  However,… Continue Reading →

The Tenth Amendment and Health Care

Lee’s Summit, May 3rd, 2010 – I got curious since all these states have been talking about fighting health care in federal court to see the basis in the constitution.  We all can just about quote that the constitution limits… Continue Reading →

Teacher of the Year from Lee’s Summit

Traveling through China this week, I received the Teacher of the Year announcement from Representative Will Kraus.  It truly is an honor to know that a Lee’s Summit  Teacher was awarded the Teacher of the year award; and that she… Continue Reading →

Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) Announces Earmarks For Area

Missouri’s 5th Congressional District Representative Emanuel Cleaver posts the area’s earmarks.  The good news, he’s sticking to the transparency commitment and a giving heart.  The bad news, the country has a twelve trillion dollar debt and we’re hading out money…. Continue Reading →

Missouri to the Federal Government, Thanks by No Thanks

Representative Will Kraus votes to tell the Federal Government that while we appreciate their efforts, we truly don’t think that the Federal Government listened to the vast majority of Americans when it passed the Health Care bill earlier this week…. Continue Reading →

The 2010 Election Cycle is Upon Us: Time to Think!

Today I was working around the house and I was reminded that the 2010 Election cycle is upon us.  I had the pleasure of chatting with Will Kraus running for State Senate for the 8th Senate District of Missouri.  A… Continue Reading →

Ethics Bill Debate at the Missouri State Capital

Typically I am fundamentally opposed to anything that limits a citizen’s constitutional right.  Who I vote for, how they present their ideas, and how I study their candidacy should be left up to me.  Upon reading this legislation as proposed… Continue Reading →

Representative Will Kraus – MO District 48; Good thoughts on a sad day

Enough of Health Care.  Enough of the bad economy.  Enough of all the doom, on a day when many soldiers at Fort Hood lost their lives.  Enough of the negativity.  Enough of politics as usual.  Simply: Enough! There is a… Continue Reading →

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