Pictue of Romney at the Denver Presidential DebateLEE’S SUMMIT, OCTOBER 25, 2012 – The lead Editorial in today’s Detroit News endorses Mitt Romney for President of the United States citing: A credible plan, less partisan politics due to not being bound by a rigid ideology, a focus on the bottom line, a five-point plan for economic revival centering on energy independence, and a solid resume as a venture capitalist where the most important lesson is that while deals start out as distant rivals in the end both parties have to feel they’re happy with the deal.

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The editors did give President Obama credit for his part in the restructuring of Chrysler and General Motors.  They followed it with an honest assessment of the rest of the four years: The economy is still broken.  Notice the single issue that overrules all other issues for Detroit is the same that Missouri and the rest of the Country feel is [the] most important issue; and sufficient to take Obama at his 2010 word in a “television interview that if by the end of the his first term the economy was still broken, he should not be re-elected.

In supporting their reasoning the Detroit News pointed out the following:

  • Hard choices to reduce the debt and deficit cannot be postponed. Spending has increased by nearly 25 percent in four years, $5 trillion was added to the national debt and the annual deficit doubled, with no return to fiscal discipline in sight.”
  • Romney would simplify the tax code and create a regulatory environment that works to protect consumers and assure a fair marketplace, but doesn’t place the regulators in control of every private sector decision.”
  • What’s missing in Washington is that willingness to move toward a middle ground. This all-or-nothing attitude has resulted in the inexcusable failure for three years of the president and Congress to pass a budget, a gridlock that has thwarted bipartisan solutions to the debt and deficit, and has now placed the country on the edge of a frightening fiscal cliff.
  • Romney understands the industry, and will shield it from regulators who never tire of churning out new layers of mandates. It is important to remember that the automobile industry is never truly “saved;” there are always new challenges. Romney will be an advocate for Detroit, and if he can make the overall economy stronger, Michigan and the automakers will benefit greatly.”

The only comment worth mentioning here that compares the political philosophy of both men comes towards the end of the article:

  • Obama has proved himself a disciple of the doctrine that for every problem there’s a government solution.”
  • Romney, by contrast, embraces individual initiative and entrepreneurship. He would turn back the encroachment of the bureaucracy into the private sector.”

The closing comment of the endorsement reverberates as simple and fundamental truth:

Romney’s goal is to help all Americans live independent and productive lives, free to rise to the extent of their personal capabilities. He would not shield them from risk or the consequences of their decisions, but neither would he deny them their earned rewards.

Our hope is that Mitt Romney would restore faith in the core principles of free men and women, free minds and free markets that made America great, and will keep it so.

Vote on November 6th 2012.

Respectfully Submitted

The Lee’s Summit Conservative