As I look at this election, it tends to boil down to a few critical questions and I’m not finding clear answers on any or all of them. The election is only a few days away and we should focus, like a laser beam on getting answers to these questions:

1) Who is better fit to fix the debacle caused by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the first two dominoes to fall), Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns, Washington Mutual AIG, Wachovia (still in play) etc., etc., etc.,.

2) What is best for America, sharing the wealth of those who’ve worked hard, had a good idea and made the sacrifices to succeed with those who do not wish to go to work, give a hundred percent at work, and keep their family fed? Or, are we better off to encourage the entrepreneur to develop new business models that hire people and provide jobs for millions?

3) Are we better off with a Government run Health care system or with a properly regulated private health care system where competition and large insured pools allow the lower costs?

4) Are we better off with someone who understands the pain of war from first hand experience, or someone who will politicize the war and the casualties to wave the white flag of defeat? I remember a recent speech where one of the candidates made the point that their party had the uncanny knack of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. It’s not too late, Iraq can still be lost so we might as well keep that in mind as we pull the lever, push the pin, touch the screen at the election centers.

This election will dictate whether we begin a recovery, or put the policies in place where taxes are increased and a recession has the potential of becoming a deep recession or even, God forbid, a global Depression. Our choice to be informed, our choice to cast the right vote for the future of America.