There’s been a good start, with Congressmen Roy Blunt and Adam Putman’s resignations from their leadership position in the Republican Party. If conservatives are not going to hold themselves accountable, then they are not conservatives. The failures since the 2006 election have to be owned up to, and new leadership with new ideas and a stronger focus on the fundamentals of Conservatism must be elected (see related story here).

It is true, that you cannot go on the attack from day one, but you must make statements that clearly delineate your position so that those who follow you have a good understanding of what hills you’re taking, and which hills you’re going around.

Statements like the following are not clear, they do not delineate our conservative values and leave everyone to believe anything that is considered cooperation is acceptable. We are the loyal opposition, it is our duty to test the value of the policies being introduced and we must fight for the long term benefit of the free market on the citizens and the electorate of the United States. We cannot print platitudes such as this:

McConnell Statement on Working with President-elect Obama

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following statement on Wednesday on working with President-elect Obama and his administration:“I congratulate President-elect Obama and will work with him on behalf of the American people. The Republican leadership stands ready to hear his ideas for implementing his campaign promises of cutting taxes, increasing energy security, reducing spending and easing the burden of an immense and growing national debt. On these, and other bipartisan issues, he will find cooperation in the Senate. We have an opportunity for significant accomplishments on behalf of the American people, and it is my hope and intent that we succeed in the years ahead.

“I fully anticipate that President-elect Obama will select well-qualified nominees for the key, early cabinet secretary nominations. And if so, he can count on my support for timely consideration and assistance to ensure a smooth transition for our national, homeland and economic security posts. These times are too important not to move quickly together.”
Posted: November 7, 2008 at 12:55:22 PM EST

The GOP and the Conservative Movement must take a good hard look at its leadership and new ones must step forward to ensure and take on the mantel of leadership with their ideas, their energy and their successes.