Lee’s Summit, May 19, 2010.  The first test in the primaries is over and the people of the United States sent a clear message: Fiscal Conservatives IN, spendthrifts and self serving politicians OUT.

The health care issue is not dead.  The political cycle is coming around to fire all those who voted yes for more spending, included but not limited to health care, TARP, Bailout 1, Bailout 2, etc. 

The message: STOP SPENDING

Too bad media outlets are looking at this as anything else.  It’s not anti-incumbent.  It’s not voter anger.  It is a referendum on one thing and one thing only; the runaway spending going on in Washington.

Greece looms closely.  They are reaping the harvest of debt that they’ve sewn over decades.  At the rate Washington is spending we’ll catch up way too soon, an On Tuesday May 18th voters decided to let candidates know that spending is a bad thing when it puts the country into debt. 

Bill Clinton took the hint when the Republicans banned together to make and execute the “Contract with America” and the budget was balanced, surplus money actually existed, but then the Fiscal Conservatives in the Republican party forgot their mandate from us.  Our mandate was simple, keep the budget balanced, pay down the debt, and reduce government size. 

Now the message is going out again.  Stop Spending.  Balance the Budget.  Pay Down the Debt.  Reduce Taxes.  Reduce Government.  Let the Economy Grow.

The focus has to be first and foremost on the economy and spending money we don’t have is not the answer.  So, if we tried spending money and it has not worked (unemployment up to 9.9 and over 17% real unemployment – under employment) and is truly not working: then get out of the way, and do it the tried and true way with reduced taxes and less government intervention.

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative