Jacob Turk at Lee's Summit's Downtown Days

Jacob Turk, Candidate for US Congress talks to a family visiting his booth at Lee’s Summit’s Downtown Days earlier this summer

Lee’s Summit, August 6, 2012 – On this, the eve of the Missouri primary election there are only  a few more hours to make up our minds and to go to the local precinct’s voting place (JCEB has all the locations, click here) and cast our ballot for the people who will make a difference in Washington.

There are two races I’ve been watching carefully and trying my best to decide which candidate will best use my vote.  The one with the closest impact to all of us in most of Lee’s Summit is the U.S. Congressional Seat in Missouri’s 5th District.  The main contenders for the right to start the race against incumbent Emanuel Clever are: Jason Greene, Jerry Nolte, and Jacob Turk (see article).

I believe all three men have the right mindset for the job.  They are conservatives who believe that this country is best served when the Will of the people is exercised, not manipulated for personal gain.  However, in the years I’ve known Jacob Turk, I’ve seen one of the qualities I always look for when I’m hiring someone to work for me: The ability to learn and grow.

I have watched him learn the importance of staying focused during the campaign.  When all the turmoil took over local politics over the size and shape of the gerrymandered 5th District, Turk kept his eye on the objective.  His election campaign focused the right resources on fighting the good fight.  He also made sure to continue to work with all the areas of the district to get his vote out.

Politics is a local and personal issue.  Each of us weighs the advantages and disadvantages of each candidate, how they represent our own values, and we make a decision to push the lever for the one that we each believe is the best to represent us in Washington.

The sad thing is that when some get to Washington, they are more interested in the internal politics of Washington, and personal gain.  Some, as we’ve all seen, believe that voting the party line is the way to represent the people.  Some believe that naming post offices is why we elect them.  Some believe that personal prestige is far more important than representing the people – all the people – of the 5th district.  Once the election is over, whether you’re a liberal or a conservative, a Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian, it does not matter: The winner must represent us all.

I am convinced, not by the words of Jacob Turk, but by his actions over the last 6 years, that he is a man who will not forget the people in Kansas City, and Missouri’s 5th District when he goes to Washington.

I had the pleasure of meeting with him to talk over lunch 2 years ago as he made his last run, and I walked away convinced that his Leadership style, his understanding of entrepreneurial business, and his passion for bringing jobs to this district –where we make our home –  is Second to NONE.  Turk won’t spend his time naming post offices, or finding ways to fund his own business ventures that fail, leaving taxpayers to pick up the tab: Jacob Turk will spend his time representing every single one in Washington; freeing up Entrepreneurs to bring jobs to the 5th district.

He’s not only a solid candidate, but he is a solid member of the Lee’s Summit Community and deeply cares about all of Kansas City and the 5th District.

This is the man I want casting the votes in the United States House of Representative, drafting legislation that will unlock the gates blocking the Entrepreneurial spirit of Missourians all over the State, and the people of Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, and the entire 5th Congressional District.

Whether you agree with my opinion or not the most important right we each as American’s have, is the right to vote:

Vote on the August 7th Primary!

No matter whether you think the primary is won, or lost, keep in mind that if you don’t come out to vote, you will leave it up to others to decide who represents you.


Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative