Picture of Ann Wagner, Candidate for US MO-2

Ann Wagner

Ballwin, January 24, 2012 – Ann Wagner, Republican candidate for Congress in Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District, commented on President Obama’s State of the Union address:

Speeches are nice – but unfortunately, as President and Commander in Chief, those words ring hollow when millions of Americans remain unemployed and millions more have quit looking for work.  Worse yet, calls for “fairness” and “opportunity” are just words looked up in a Thesaurus by speech writers to cover-up the real story of the Obama Administration:  a failed social experiment born of big government, socialism and failed liberal policies. 
We can all agree that the America we all hold dear is a land of opportunity – but what we disagree about is how that opportunity is met, and how we encourage our citizens to embrace that opportunity and build a life for themselves, free from government overreach and interference. 
That is not the America President Obama and Congressional Democrats promote.  Regardless of what you heard tonight and the political props that were created by the politicians in the Peoples’ House, the Democrats’ vision of America is one in which those who succeed are punished; the ones who hire are taxed and the ones that stand for traditional values and a culture of life are chided as being out of touch or oppressive.
We conservatives envision a different America.  An America with no Obamacare; an America with lower taxes and real tax reform, an America with less regulation and uncertainty for job creators who will be free to live the American dream; an America that promotes an ownership society and empowers the free enterprise system; an America that lives within it’s means; an America that is a land of freedom and opportunity for all its citizens.
The President, as usual, delivered a well-performed address long on rhetoric and short on results. He is out-of-touch and now out-ot-time.   
I am running for Congress to bring strong, effective, conservative leadership to Washington. I will fight for our families, for our job creators, for our traditional values, and for our American way of life.