April 30, 2010 – Shanghai China – The time to sit idly by is truly over.  We The People of these United States need to let our government know; peacefully, honorably, and respectfully that we do not wish to have runaway debt.  November 2nd is right around the corner.  We The People voted for this president and this congress.  They’ve had 2 years to manage things and push for the change they promised.  What are their results:
•    They are doubling our national debt,
•    They crammed down our throats a terrible health care bill,
•    They have shaken investor confidence in the United States,
•    They have taken over the American Automotive sector,
•    They are now pushing to take over the financial sector with new rules to control investments.

Is this what we signed up for?  The beauty of a Democracy is that votes count.  53% of American’s voted for President Obama and rejected the lukewarm politics of Senator McCain.  Well, now is the midterm election; our chance to make a mid course correction.  But it won’t happen unless we take action and spend time learning what the candidates stand for, rather then say.

I’m going to use three candidates for the November Election.  At the state level there is Will Krause, who has served in the State House of Representatives and is now running for the state Senate.  His record is one of fiscal conservatism.  He has voted to give back.  He has voted to contain costs.  He has voted to reduce taxes.  His actions speak louder than his words.  We need someone like that at the Missouri State Senate.  It is a good start.

Let’s move to the Federal House of Representatives.  In Lee’s Summit we are represented by Emanuel Cleaver.  He has not found an expense he’s not liked and voted for.  He was happy to vote for the ill advised Bush TARP program, and following rescue package, even though his constituents called in large numbers and wrote in large numbers to ask that he did not vote for it.  He still voted for them.  The last two years of the Bush administration were far from fiscally conservative.  Then came healthcare and again Representative Cleaver ignored the will of the people.  When almost 60% of the voters in the US don’t want a bill, and Congress passes one anyway, it clearly says that congress in not representing the people. 

Mr. Cleaver needs to be returned to the Kansas City area as a private citizen and replaced by someone like Jacob Turk, a fiscal conservative who understands the Cancer of debt and will not follow along, but stand on his beliefs that smaller government is better, and that less taxes and expenditure cutting is the only way to reverse this ill fated course the country is currently on.

The United States Senate seat vacated by Kip Bond needs to be filled with a fiscal conservative who will stand up to President Obama and say “this here, we cannot afford” and cut costs.  We either do it now, or we do it later.  If we want to see where this is leading to, pick up a news paper, go on the internet, and read about how the Greek Government is out of options, that even the bailout from the rest of the EU is only a temporary delay from the inevitable default.  The Greek Government has offered up to 9% to get investors to buy their bonds, without any luck.  If you want to see where the last two years of Bush and the first two years of Obama are taking us, pay close attention to the Greeks.  The only unknown is the year; but I’m sure that some economist with enough date can predict the decade in the future when we’ll be in the same boat.

Roy Blunt is running to replace Senator Bond.  It is time to remove the moderate conservatives from office and replace them with fiscal conservatives.  If Roy Blunt’s record backs up his claim that he is fiscally conservative, then he is the right person, if not then he is not.  I will be doing my homework as you should to figure out which of the candidates understands that debt is a cancer that robs us of our nation’s vitality, then I’ll vote for them.

This is a call to you around Lee’s Summit, around Missouri, around the Midwest and all over the 50 States to do your homework and vote for people who stand for something, not those who stand on the fence.  Find those who are truly fiscally conservative and move forward.  This is truly a call to action; VOTE WITH KNOWLEDGE!!! We believed in words last time, and you see what we have, now let’s believe in records and do better this time.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Lee’s Summit Conservative