Pleasant Hill, July 31, 2020 – I ask myself: “what does it matter?”  I watch television news; I listen to the news in my car.  I do bounce from CNN to MSNBC and then back to Fox News.  I get three differing views of the same events.

CNN: Portland demonstrators / protesters…

MSNBC: Portland demonstrations / protest…

FOX News: Portland riots…

I look at videos online and I see smoke, I see fire, I see clashes with police and federal officers.

I ask myself again: what does it matter? 

I turn to ABC, CBS, NBC and I hear that these are “mostly” peaceful protests, made worse by the federal stormtroopers sent to make matters worse.  I scratch my head.

Stormtroopers are Star Wars: right? Oh, no, that’s not what they mean.  It is about federal officers protecting buildings that are paid for and maintained by the taxes we pay.

Should we let them burn?  Why not, we’ve let the historical statues be torn down.  Why should we care that some statue of some person we never knew be torn down?  Cristoforo Colombo (Christopher Columbus to us) was sent to find a new way to India by traveling west from Spain.  He was so dumb; he did not know there were two continents in the way. 

He found the American continent (North & South) by mistake.  This certainly is not someone we need a statue for.

What about the statue of Abraham Lincoln?  Why should we have a statue to a simple backwoods man who taught himself, became a lawyer, and for some reason was selected to be president during the 1860’s?  He allowed the south to have slaves, he caused the start of the civil war, he did not even have the courage to live long enough to finish what he started.  Yeah, yeah, blame John Wilkes Boothe for it, he only fired the shot, Lincoln should not have been at the theater that night anyway – he should have been at home.  It is his fault really.

What about Ulysses S Grant’s statue?  I mean, how many people truly know who is buried in Grant’s tomb, so why bother with his statues?  What good did he do for the Republic?

Who was that priest, or was he a padre, or a monk, or something religious?  See, you and I don’t remember what he was trying to do, so why bother with his statue?

Jefferson, 3rd president of the United States, writer of the declaration of independence, purchaser of the Louisiana territory that more than doubled the size of the Republic:  Why should he have a statue or a memorial?  He was more flawed than everyone living today (well, at least half of us / you? – not sure which side you would put me in).

Washington don’t even get me started on him.  This guy was such a misogynistic lunatic that to get away from the French and the native American supporters trying to take over what was then British occupied territory, he and his buddy went swimming one winter night down an icy river on the way back from what is now Pittsburgh to Virginia.  Imagine that, this guy took time to join the polar bear club in December.  This is the guy who fought a war by terrorizing hessians, by again crossing a river in the dark of night for selfish reasons.  He then tossed the Britt’s out of New York, all for show.  He furthered his own career by taking control of the Constitutional convention – well, after he went back home and was asked, but that is not the point.  He made sure his henchmen – Hamilton, no not George – made a speech about how we were flirting with a monarchy.  That had the ill effect of pushing us to representative democracy, called a Republic.  Finally, after the convention forced everyone to accept the Republic, he nominated himself for King.  Oh, wait, that’s not right.  He had gone back home, and he was elected unanimously – he must have had pictures, right?  I wonder how long it took artists to draw scandalous pictures as the victims of future extortion posed there.  Was it like sixty seconds?  Was it an hour or two?  One must ponder.

No folks, Washington, and his wooden teeth, do not deserve a statue either.  We truly should forget about him, and Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, Franklin, and the rest of the old guard.  They were all illegitimate founders of this ill-conceived anathema to kings, emperors, despots all over the world who now must see what capitalism and freedom have created.

What does it matter?  Why should we care if someone distorts history for the sake of a point?  After all, who has time to read history?  It should be made to change to fit the needs of the moment.

We have an even worse president than Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln combined.  We have a guy in office that reduced taxes, reduced regulations, unleashed the economy and forced people into the labor pool. 

He truly is amazing; he lies with every heartbeat. 

  • He lies about building a wall. 
  • He lies that people are the true power in the American Republic: “A republic, if you can keep it.”
  • He lies that other countries are taking advantage of the USA. 
  • He lies about Venezuela being less than a shadow of itself since going socialist, or was it communist, no maybe it was a Marxist dictatorship with sham elections.

This guy is so terrible, we are told, that not only does he lie, but he expects congress to represent the people.  What is he talking about? 

Congress and Senators are the political class.  They are the gods of mount DC.  They only have to be annoyed by the plebes and the serfs in this country who dare interfere with their vast wisdom and great intelligence. 

We don’t need no stinking representation.  We need to be paid by congress to stay home.  It is unfair that minorities must struggle to get a job.  It is unfair that women must deal with job interviews and the rigors of the workplace.  It is unfair that we have to get out of bed, improve ourselves, work forty plus hours a week, bring home a paycheck that barely covers the rent, the lights, the phone, the food, and all the other things we have to pay for.  AOC has it right.  Eliminate mortgages, let people live in luxury paid by the State.

Luxury seldom seen since the 1950’s, 1960’s the Soviet Union, or China, or Vietnam, or Laos, or Romania, or East Germany, or current day Venezuela.  Such luxury comes from the State, a state the knows what we need, and pays little attention to what we want.  We are too fat anyway.  We don’t need to eat food every day; that’s only for our rulers and the elite who spend time figuring out what’s the best for us.

No, we’ve had it wrong since 1619, or was it 1916?  I don’t know, I get those totally confused.  I’m not sure any more, so I need someone with great knowledge and education, someone with a true elite status to rule my house, rule my personal life, provide me with what I need and not what I want for myself or my family.  I need someone to do the thinking for me. 

A centrally managed economy is so much better than what businessmen – the CAPITALISTS – want to do with us.  Hell, they expect us to know stuff, to work hard, to be inventive, to follow logic, and to help them make more money now and in the future.  How can that ever be self-sustaining?  How can that model – capitalism – ever allow people to claw out of poverty and rise above mediocre living standards? 

Ignore the facts, listen to what I am saying. 

Capitalism is a thing of the past, and it is fundamentally evil.  Now, repeat it a few thousand times and let it sink in.  Crave to be Venezuela with its amazing top down directives.  Crave to be Cuba and their free medical system. Crave to be in countries where you have to ask the central government to move from one house to another, from one town to another, from one state or province to another, let them make that decision for you.  It is AWESOME! You do not have the burden of decisions like that.

I continue to ask myself: What does it matter?

Can you answer me?

Can you decide for me?

Care to take a trip back with me through history, to relive the George Orwell book, 1984 as it unfolds before our eyes?  Care to come and read about the “anti-dog-eat-dog” legislation from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged?

Care to watch the videos about Portland and completely ignore them?  Care to celebrate that the video of America’s Frontline Doctors was taken down – preventing us from having our minds cluttered with information we do not need?

Care to quietly go into the night, the night of the American dream and replace it with the peaceful world of no decisions, no drive, no desire, grey walls, and wondering why are we here?  A world where the ruling class tells the serfs what to do, when to do it, and how to do it?  History is full of those wise men who ruled the world, and no one had to make any decisions other than how to survive – but do not worry about that, we have the internet to do that now:  The Tech Giants let us know what our leaders want us to think, how we should act, what is politically correct, and what is not – well, mostly what is not.  Does it sound Confucian to you?

Sarcastically and maybe cynically submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative