Not as Republicans or Democrats but as a country?

Two things struck me on election night relatively early on.

The loss of Scott Brown to Elizabeth Warren and the loss of Wisconsin, the home state of Paul Ryan.  How does one of the most liberal of conservatives like Brown lose his seat to an even more liberal sounding, untested contender?  Forget what some pundits and soon to be ex-politicians said about being more gentile and needing to know how to speak to women, gays, and minorities.  Brown did it and still lost!  To me it says the electorate wants more Government handouts, controls, and taxes.

The second was the loss of the state of Wisconsin which was certainly in play, but Paul Ryan’s home state.  Here we had an articulate, well-educated VP candidate that did extremely well for the ticket only to lose it at approximately 7:30pm Wisconsin time.  Again, forget what the pundits say about articulating better to women, gays and minorities and once again you have a candidate that expressed compassionate conservatism as well as anyone against a blathering, blundering self indulgent opponent and still Ryan’s home state was lost.  If conservatism can’t make a better play for this rural midwest rustbelt state that early in the evening then what does it say about the rest of the country and especially our population centers that are driving the vote for Obama?

To me it says, they want more.  Not more jobs. More Government handouts.

So where do we go from here because it does not look good for the country.

The next election cycle is already in play and it still does not look good for conservatives.  What politician would even dare to express to his liberal electorate an interest in cutting a government program?  None that I know of.