Lee’s Summit, March 30, 2011 – This year we may finally be getting the attention of Congress and start the country on the right path.  In November American’s voted overwhelmingly for expense reduction by Washington.  Dozens upon dozens of new congressman were elected on the single-minded vote: Cut our runaway spending.

The pundits are arguing amongst themselves about the impact of a government shutdown.  Some say the Republicans will lose.  Others claim that the Democrats will be able to take advantage like they did in the 90’s.  Yet, when you look at it, it wasn’t till the Republicans lost sight of managing expenses in the 21st century that they lost the Congress and the Senate.  If that’s a loss for the Republicans, then can I have another please!

The Tea Party stands for one thing: Fiscal Responsibility.  Those who hold allegiance to the Tea Party movement should stand up for what is right for the Country, not for anyone’s political career.

We in Missouri have the fun of Clair McCaskil who “forgot” to pay for a political trip taken in her own plane.  Then, she also “forgot” to pay taxes on that plane; yet she did not forget to reach into our pockets for $105 Billion per year to implement Obamacare.  Leadership like that, needs to enjoy retirement!  Not our votes.

The same is at stake for the republicans recently elected.  We wanted them to take a message to Washingon:  Cut our runaway budget – significantly!

The current proposal to cut $30 billion dollars is a joke.  We are $14 Trillion in the hole; let’s make the cuts that need to be made. 

The one thing that the Republicans in congress need to learn from President Obama is that you get one chance to make a significant change.  He bet his congress, his senate, and his 2012 re-election on Obamacare.  He pushed it with all he had, and now we’re having to try to pick up the pieces.  I hope we can turn things around; but I don’t think it’s going to be done till Obama is out of office.

The Conservatives need to take a page from Obama, and make the most of the opportunity they have to set the country in the right direction.  Make the cuts that need to be made, and let Democrats defend their position; I think the country is tired of spend, spend, spend some more, spend even more, and tax the life out of our economy and our citizenry.

Missouri is doing it:

1)    Lee’s Summit said no to the School levy

2)    Missouri said cities no longer have the right to tax without a vote,

3)    Now Missouri is in the process of removing the Franchise tax.

4)    New Jersey is taking on special interests and reducing their budget.

To Washington: Learn from Missouri, Wisconsin, New Jersey and all the states who are mandated by law to balance their budgets.  If you control it every year; on bad years you have a chance.  If you lose control (as so many states have done) then you need bail outs from Washington – who simply prints more money.

The only thing our congressman need is to hear from us; often and consistently.  They have to realize that those of us who voted for them are still behind them, and will be behind them through the 2012 election.

Contact your elected officials; let them know that a Government shutdown is not such a terrible thing; if the aftermath is a reduced budget.  I don’t think we want to follow in the footsteps of Greece, Great Britain, Spain and now Portugal

Respectfully Submitted,
The Lee’s Summit Conservative