Image of William Bogert 1964 and 2016LEE’S SUMMIT, AUGUST 28, 2016 – William Bogert, an actor whose name may not be a household name.  You can see his name on IMDB (click here) and you’ll recognize Dog Day Afternoon, MASH, the Facts of Life, and my favorite – because it fits here so well – Fantasy Island.

In 1964 he did a commercial for Lynden Johnson.  He claimed to be a republican from a long line of republicans that was standing for his beliefs instead of the party of his and his family’s choice.  He told people how Senator Barry Goldwater – a non-establishment conservative – was the wrong man.  He states that Goldwater scares him, that he cannot vote for someone who is being supported by the Ku Klux Klan.  He fears someone who cannot envision the USA after a nuclear war.  He even considers not voting; but, he takes his responsibility too deeply to not vote.

In 1964, the non-establishment candidate was not supported by the establishment and in the end, he lost in a landslide to Lynden Johnson in 1964, the very man who decided he had no chance in 1968 and did not run.  Most may think that no one was going to beat Kennedy’s successor; however, the most likely story is that the establishment decided Mr. Goldwater was not to be supported.

52 Years Later:

In 2016 it seems that Mr. Bogert is once again too strongly driven by his need to exercise his right to vote, to support Donald Trump, another non-establishment candidate.  Look at the following video and you’ll see the similarities between the 1964 and the 2016 ads.

At the start of the video we put the Hillary Rodham Clinton, self-analysis, as to how she went from being a Goldwater Girl.

The full story is also covered in US NEWS (click here).  You can see the full clip there for each version.  We cut out the Ku Klux Klan version, because the 2016 does not include it; however, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has just released a separate ad where she makes the point.

I wonder, does she not know that we know she called Senator Byrd her Mentor (by the way, he too was a Ku Klux Klan leader).

Knowledge should be enough to make the right decision about whom to vote for – I wonder if seeing that they are simply re-running old talking points will let people truly think about who should receive their vote.

Respectfully Submitted

The Lee’s Summit Conservative