Just having a conversation with a good friend and read about the April’s Mom story. Additionally, I received a forward from my family about the Pelosi plane e-mail going around claiming that she purchased a 200 seat plane to take her back and forth to California every week.

TRUTH is the foundation of each argument raised in a debate. You can be wrong with the interpretation of the facts or the political extrapolations raised in your argument, but base them in truth.

I fundamentally disagree with large government, increased taxes, the bailout of the automotive and banking industry and the move away from the free market capitalism that brought the US to the pinnacle of economic strength. The Ups are driven by the energy and momentum picked up on the way down. People who ran poor businesses are replaced by those who run better businesses and then the economy grows. Competition hones our skills, and the ruthlessness of the free market ensures that the best survives.

It occurs to me to paint an analogy of the socialist approach to evolution:

Neanderthal man roams the earth and has had a good run. Population is growing and technology has reached the pinnacle of success for neanderthal society. The free market of evolution has wiped out the dinosaurs eons ago, neanderthal has replaced the predecessors and now we have a new change: homosapiens. The debate rages on, should the new improved model of human take over? The downward spiral that it will cause as neanderthal society is reduced to rubble and homosapiens figure out how to build their society: is that the way humanity should go?

Think of the debate in Congress today about the continual funding of ludicrous programs. The spending in education programs. California’s spend less on books to get full new systems in place to offer digital books. Please spend more to do what; save?

Truth will show us the way to a stronger economy, the spending habits of the current administration is pushing trillions of dollars on the neanderthal rescue package of GM, Chrysler, AIG and others.

Mr. President, let the free market cycle continue and GM, Chrysler and AIG will be replaced by the next better version and will continue this countries cycle of greatness. To waste our resources to save the neanderthal is wasteful and useless.

Respectfully submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative