It will take some time to truly evaluate how the new president will do, how the economy will react to increased taxes, and to the other loads placed upon it not only by the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae debacle but also by the ill conceived Bailout. My prediction on this November 5th, 2008 the day that Barrack Obama gets to celebrate his victory over John McCain and begin to turn his attention to the formation of his Cabinet.

To me the focus cannot turn quickly enough to 2010 so that the Conservative Movement can begin to regain some of the losses inflicted over the past 8 years. Conservatives will not have a 1994 Contract with America led by Newt Gingrich but we will have the first 2 years of an Obama left leaning presidency and Democratic controlled congress. It is time to lay out the right strategies and tactical approaches to get more Conservatives elected to Congress and to the Senate.

Further it is time to truly evaluate an outsider who had the audacity to ignite the true base of the Conservative movement. Sarah Palin, Alaska’s Governor in my mind is the lead candidate for a 2012 election campaign and to give Barrack Obama a good run. Sarah Palin was a novice in the arena of a National Campaign and if you look at her from Minnesota to November 4th you will find that she grew in stature, she grew in experience and she grew in national recognition.

The problems of the Alaska Governorship will keep her focused on politics and she will get things done and she will have been re-elected as Governor in 2010. Palin will then be greatly positioned with 6 years as a governor, the pipeline no longer being a future project but one in motion, the cost of petroleum going back to where it will naturally trend once the shock of the economic meltdown wears off the $4.00 a gallon gasoline won’t be a memory but a reality. Palin will, without a doubt have built her resume and will know how to run a good campaign and how to bring out the conservative vote.

I want to be the first to officially proclaim; Sarah Palin for President 2012.

The Lees Summit Conservative.

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