Picture of feather balanced precariously at the end of a complex systemLEE’S SUMMIT, July 18, 2013 – The power of a thought is undervalued even by the person who holds the power of that thought.  Whether positive or negative a thought unleashes great power.  You may see it as light as a feather, but sometimes a feather is the only thing that keeps everything balanced.

Before you watch the video that is part of this post, I want to tell you a quick story about the power of a thought.  A Chinese friend of mine in Shanghai possessed a very agile mind, and was a focused and highly motivated individual.  His mind and his hard work motivated people to build a very impressive company that stood apart from other Chinese manufacturers.

One trip I stopped by to visit his company and found he was not there, he had suffered a major problem with his brain and truly was unable to participate in his business in any active manner.  During lunch the first day he stopped in, we shook hands, and his typical strong hand shake was weak and I could see the spark was gone from his eyes.  It truly broke my heart to see such a man so debilitated.

His business partner and longtime friend had convinced him to take Tai Chi Chuan as a way to regain his mental agility.  Now, this is not about Tai Chi – but the power of the thought.  I visited the plant again six months later, and my old friend was 90% of the way back.  The spark in his eyes was almost as bright, but his determination was far stronger than I had ever seen it.  This man was becoming a force to reckon with – even though he still was not fully engaged in his business.

I decided that I would start to take Tai Chi lessons and I joined the Center State Tai Chi in January of this year to learn the art and the form of Tai Chi Chuan.  I worked hard, because I agreed with my friend that on my next trip – the one last April – I would practice Tai Chi with him.

I had the pleasure of practicing my form of Tai Chi with my friend during my trip to Shanghai last April.  It was an experience I’ll never forget.  Between December and April my friend in Shanghai had recovered fully and continues to have that new conviction I had seen for the first time in December.

It all started from a thought, “I will be better than I am today!”

A thought, a very simple thought; one we typically would forget the next moment.

Watch the video; sorry it is so long (a bit over 8 minutes), but pay attention to Miyoko Shida and the feather.  Then, after you watch the video as yourself this question:  How truly powerful is a feather, how such a light thing as a feather, or a thought, can help you hold things together when you least think anything could.

When you think your thoughts, positive or negative, remember the power they have to keep things in proper balance, to move you forward, or to hold you back.

Respectfully Submitted

The Lee’s Summit Conservative

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