Obama’s Associations of Interest:

Bill Ayers: Unrepentant, loophole acquitted, bomber of the Pentagon, NYC Police stations, dedicator of his 1974 book to Sirhan Sirhan (the man that killed Bobby Kennedy).

Frank Davis: Suspected of radical activism and belonging to the Communist Party.

Rashid Kahlidi: Clearly left of left wing of the Democratic party with ties to the PLO and with numerous statements denouncing Israel’s right to exist.

Jeremiah Alvesta Wright, Jr.: Pastor to Barrack Obama for over 20 years with a very radical view of the United States of America. He preached a sermon after the September 11, 2001 attacks, saying that “…America’s chicken’s are coming home to roost…” See the full article on Anderson Cooper 360 (The full story behind Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s 9/11 sermon)

Tony Rezko: Convicted of kickbacks and currently working with the Government to bring forth other felons to reduce his own sentence. Rezko is tied to Obama as an early employer, contributor, fund raiser and one time Financial Advisor. (See the Chicago Sun Times article; 8 Things You Need To Know About Obama and Rezko)

There are others and you can find them at various blog sites throughout the blogosphere. However, I do have a point to make related to the blog I wrote earlier this week about The Boy Who Cried Wolf. There’s an old saying that birds of a feather flock together and in this case, taking all that Obama has had to say during the campaign, I continue to wonder about the associations he’s made on his way to running for president.

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