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What are the Lowest Gas Prices

Pleasant Hill, April 6, 2020 – Like most of us who spend a lot more time in front of the television, yesterday afternoon I watched as President Donald Trump stated that he had seen gas prices as low as $0.91… Continue Reading →

Fed-Speak Fills the Day

PLEASANT HILL, AUGUST 1, 2018 – The FED will speak today and announce its decision for August.  It is not expected to raise interest rates at the meeting that ends this afternoon.  However, it is expected to set the stage… Continue Reading →

What Tesla’s Big Rig Must Do to Seduce Truckers

Kendall Jenner Gets Backlash For Posting Nude Pic, But Not For The Reasons You’d Think

It was Manufacturing: Stupid.

LEE’S SUMMIT, NOVEMBER 13, 2016 – To paraphrase William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton: It’s the economy, stupid.  In 1980 Ronald Reagan was elected president; he turned around the economy from the devastation of the Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter cycle of presidencies. … Continue Reading →

Biased Fact Checking is not Helpful to Anyone

LEE’S SUMMIT, AUGUST 9, 2016 – I cannot believe how erroneous the most recent fact check done by NBCnews and PolitiFact (click here for the full article). CLAIM: “Obamacare will cost the economy 2 million full-time jobs over the next… Continue Reading →

On the Origin of Socialism

After the industrial revolution, the economy of nearly all European countries changed dramatically. The prevailing new system: capitalism. If you are an American reading this, you probably think you know capitalism, but the American economic system is actually a mixed… Continue Reading →

If We Don’t Wake Up, It Will Be Lost: Our American Democracy

LEE’S SUMMIT, DECEMBER 29, 2012 – In March of 2010 I wrote a piece called: “A Democracy Will Only Last Until…” based on Alexander Tyler’s work on the fall of the Athenian Republic.  Since that time we’ve seen Greece go… Continue Reading →

The Twinkie Manifesto by Paul Krugman – Amazingly Inaccurate

LEE’S SUMMIT, NOVEMBER 19, 2012 – In the opinion page of The New York Times Paul Krugman discusses the 1950’s 91% income tax and claims it was a good period in America.  I’m not sure if Mr. Krugman is being… Continue Reading →

Recession Possibly Around the Corner

LEE’S SUMMIT, SEPTEMBER 27, 2012 – The Economic news today continues the downward trend.  GDP growth for the second quarter of 2012 has been revised down to 1.3% from the already sluggish 1.7% reported earlier.  To put it into perspective… Continue Reading →

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