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Are You Going to the Movies?

PLEASANT HILL, AUGUST 9, 2018 – This week, for the first time this year, my wife and I went to the movies.  I had gone once before to B&B Theatres in Lee’s Summit and liked the atmosphere.  We may be… Continue Reading →

A Night at the K

PLEASANT HILL, AUGUST 8, 2018 – It was an amazing night at Kaufman Stadium to watch the future of Kansas City Royal’s baseball.  In the first inning the Cubs – winners of the first two games of this series –… Continue Reading →

Binge Watching TV, Is It Just an Old Trend New Again?

Binge, noun, a short period of time when you do too much of something. On demand TV and especially Netflix have ignited the fuel of binge watching television shows, gone are the days of switching out DVD’s and in are… Continue Reading →

FIFA and the Cost

As the FIFA World Cup is underway in Brazil there have been protests in the streets crying out against the $11 billion spent to bring the event to the country. Eleven billion dollars is a lot for any country to… Continue Reading →

The Fate of Film: Could It Be Like Vinyl?

Vinyl. Audiophiles all over the world claim that vinyl records have a superior sound: richer, fuller, and warmer. Vinyl was the medium of sound for decades. From the birth of recorded music up until magnetic tape was invented. Even after… Continue Reading →

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