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Lee’s Summit R7 versus Missouri Attorney General

It appears that the Lee’s Summit R-VII school district and Missouri’s Attorney General have different definitions of legality and constitutionality.

Missouri: Covid-19 Day 27

Pleasant Hill, 4/3/2020 – As the COVID-19 virus spreads throughout the nation, here in Missouri we had the first reported case on March 3, 2020 in the County of St. Louis.  Twenty seven days later, we are up to 2,112… Continue Reading →

Trump Impeachment: Day 1,108

The conversation about impeachment of Donald J Trump while he was still a candidate, and President Elect: 2016-10-18:  By Tana Ganeva – Republican John Kasich comes out in favor of Trump’s impeachment “…Ohio Governor John Kasich came out in favor… Continue Reading →

Missouri 2018, Amendment 1

PLEASANT HILL, OCTOBER 15, 2018 – The November 6th, 2018 ballot will have several amendments for the voters to consider.  Here is the wording and an opinion on the Amendment. Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to: Change process and… Continue Reading →

You’re Either A Globalist Or A Nationalist

CBS: Covers Billary’s SNAFU of Honesty

Maher: I’d vote for Dead Hillary in this race…

Jacob Turk for US Rep MO-05

The Lee’s Summit Conservative Site

LEE’S SUMMIT, NOVEMBER 29, 2014 – Our site, on November 19th was hacked by unscrupulous time wasting happy hacker that enjoyed disrupting the visitor (all 37 of you) who occasionally come by to see I’ve not had anything worth saying…. Continue Reading →

Trouble, at the Speed of Social Media

LEE’S SUMMIT, MARCH 15, 2013 – Have you ever thought deeply about the impacts of a comment in today’s rapidly changing technological world: Specifically when that comment was negative or even dangerous?  I’ve caught myself thinking about how things have… Continue Reading →

Where do we go from here?

Not as Republicans or Democrats but as a country? Two things struck me on election night relatively early on. The loss of Scott Brown to Elizabeth Warren and the loss of Wisconsin, the home state of Paul Ryan.  How does one… Continue Reading →

Get To Know Your Congressman before You Vote

LEE’S SUMMIT, NOVEMBER 5, 2012 – The League of American Voters (LAV) has a Voter’s Guide worth taking the time to glance through before you vote.  The main focus is on the Congressman and their Voting record on critical and… Continue Reading →

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