News release by: Donna Turk, Turk for Congress

Sets sights on Emanuel Cleaver in November’s General Election

Picture of Jacob Turk at Campaign Stop“My wife Donna and I are grateful for all those who worked so hard to win this primary with resounding success, giving generously of their time, talent and financial support” said Turk during his exuberant primary election night party. “We also appreciate the citizens throughout the 5th district who gave us their vote of confidence at the polls yesterday.” Mr. Turk received over 68% of the vote against his 3 opponents.

Mr. Turk continued “we are humbled and gratified by the soaring victory in the Missouri 5th District primary! The win was accomplished by hundreds of volunteers who reached out to their friends and neighbors. This is not a campaign of a wealthy candidate with a fancy consultant – it’s a movement of the people who want a change in how things are done in their government. And the people spoke loud and clear – they want leadership, not politics. The people want someone who will fight for them and their Constitutional freedoms in DC.”
“We now face the tough work ahead of retiring a powerful, long-term incumbent, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, in November’s general election. I’m asking the people who want a change from politics as usual to recruit their family and friends to join this effort. Let us all join together – Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents, to work for a change in DC, to elect someone who will fight for the American people first, not self. As a Marine, I took a solemn oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution and this nation from enemies both foreign and domestic, and that’s exactly what I will do.”

Jacob Turk, a US Marine Veteran and small business owner, is competing against long-time political incumbent Congressman Emanuel Cleaver to represent the people in Missouri’s 5th Congressional District. Mr. Cleaver has served in elected office for more than 30 years. Turk and Cleaver will face off in the general election on Nov. 4, 2014.

Mr. Turk’s campaign has 3 major focuses: our military and veterans, small businesses and restoring integrity to the halls of Congress.

As a Marine Corps Veteran and son of a Korean War Purple Heart Marine Veteran, Mr. Turk is eager to address issues facing the military and veterans such as problems with the VA, increased suicides and divorces among both active duty military and our surviving veterans driven by multiple deployments, and protecting the benefits soldiers were promised for their service. Turk notes “my wife and I are both veterans, both of our father’s are veterans, and so are many of our family and friends. So taking care of those who serve and have served this country in uniform is a responsibility I take seriously and so should every elected representative. Our Congress has failed our military, veterans and their families. It’s time we had someone who is in Congress looking out after those who have defended us.” Fewer than 20% of Congress has military service. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver has never served in the military.

Mr. Turk’s second focus, as a successful small business owner himself of over 14 years, is to push back against overreaching federal government regulation and mandates from agencies such as the EPA, OSHA and HHS that prevent small businesses from expanding and adding jobs. “Individuals have risen from poverty to prosperity in this country because of the economic freedom enjoyed by Americans to start their own business with a good idea, sweat of their brow, and the competitive spirit to make something out of nothing. The pursuit of the American Dream is in danger because of a bloated, bully government that hampers ingenuity and small businesses at every turn. If we are to remain a country of economic prosperity, we simply must reduce the government burden that is getting in the way.”

Mr. Turk strives to conduct himself with honor daily and will work to restore integrity to the halls of Congress. “I’m not perfect, but I do work to do the right thing, listen to and respect others, and take care of my obligations like paying my own taxes and debts so I’m not a burden to others,” Mr. Turk said. “Our elected representatives should take care of their personal obligations, lead with integrity, deal with the citizens of the 5th District and our nation honestly, listen to the people they represent, protect life and property, and champion opportunity. When we do that, we find the solutions the people want to address the problems the people want their government to solve.”

“What 5th District Missourians deserve is to have their voices heard in DC, and Emanuel Cleaver has simply lost touch” says Jacob Turk. “Congressman Cleaver has been in elected office for over 30 years and folks are ready for a change. I’m eager to serve the people with leadership, not politics.”

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