PLEASANT HILL, JANUARY 3, 2019 – The reason I did not vote for George Bush in the 1992 election was very simple.  During the 1988 campaign he made it clear, “Read my lips. No new taxes.” President George Herbert Walker Bush, on November 5, 1990 signed into law the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990.

President Bush (41) lost his re-election on that day.  Democrats convinced Bush that a Tax increase then would be met with future expenditure cuts.  The tax increase went in, but the cuts never made it.  Bush, as his predecessor Ronald Reagan failed to keep their promises. 

Ronald Reagan was convinced by the Senate and the House that if he gave Amnesty first, he would get a stronger border later.  He signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.  Two point seven million people entered the country legally based on IRCA.  Two hundred and fifty thousand eventually became naturalized citizens.

Reagan and Bush (41) were hoodwinked by the House and the Senate.  One was in his second term, so nothing could change.  However, I firmly believe that Bush (41) suffered from both failures to keep campaigned promises.  Promises that were the fundamental reason they were elected.

Donald Trump is facing the same pivotal moment.  The political and electoral tectonic plates are under tremendous pressure, and soon that pressure will cause a political earthquake.  Nancy Pelosi, the new speaker of the house, Chuck Schumer, and the establishment politicos are on one side.  The “No” to Trump side.

Pelosi knows that if she wants to keep her position, she cannot lose the support of the left wing of her party.  Let’s call that the “open borders for anyone that will vote with us” side.  She also cannot appear weak to the “Never Trump” side of the Democrat party either.  She has to walk a very tight rope over the political quagmire she’s in.

Schumer can blame the Republicans and Mitch McConnel, and always Trump.  He has political cover.

On the other side there is Donald Trump and his “Build that wall” campaign chant and promise, with the question that always followed it “Who’s going to pay for that wall?”  The answer always being Mexico.

If Trump gives any more ground, he will not have his followers.  Trump has given up the “Mexico will pay for that beautiful wall.”  At least for now.

The government shutdown of 2018 / 2019 will be epic.  It will either end with Donald Trump getting the wall, or it will end with a lame duck, single term President.  If it is the former, we’ll see history being made.  If it is the latter, it will be more of the same we’ve seen in the past. 

We say that “Elections Matter.”  This is that moment when we see that proven.  The Election of Donald Trump set us on the course to correct a failure from 1986.  The tectonic pressure applied by the political parties is pushing against Trump.  The equal and opposite pressure from the electorate that voted Trump in is pushing against party, against political philosophy, against entrenched Washington mindset, and most of all against the momentum built up by failures to address the issue since 1987.

Representative Democracy in action.  Like it.  Hate it.  it is here, and it is happening in front of us.

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative