Missouri Senator Will Kraus

Senator Will Kraus MO-8

JEFFERSON CITY —State Sen. Will Kraus, R-Lee’s Summit, recently filed four bills for the upcoming session related to transportation and automobiles.

Senate Bill 102 will add catalytic convertors to language in previously passed legislation that tracks the sale of potentially stolen property. The bill will require junk dealers to obtain identification from those selling used catalytic convertors, similar to the rules for selling copper wire.

“In 2008, I helped pass legislation to limit the theft of copper wire by requiring a record of all related sales. Now, with the increase in theft of catalytic convertors in the state, it is time to put the same requirements on the sale of these items,” said Sen. Kraus.

Senate Bill 103 will extend a current incentive for building alternative fuel stations and add an incentive for companies to convert their fleets to natural gas.

“The current tax credit for building alternative fuel stations went largely unused, primarily because not enough conversions are conducted. Several states have also incentivized conversions, and I think that could make a significant difference,” said Sen. Kraus.

Senate Bill 104 will remove the requirement to have a front license plate on most vehicles in Missouri. Several neighboring states already have a one-plate requirement.

“Estimates show we could save as much as $2.5 million per year by removing this requirement,” said Sen. Kraus. “I am hopeful that this will be the year we can get this proposal to the floor for a worthwhile debate.”

Senate Bill 108 will send all proceeds of automated traffic enforcement cameras to the local school district where the cameras are located.

“Cities are still adding red light and speed cameras and profiting millions of dollars from these machines. While they say safety is the main concern, studies are mixed on the effectiveness of these devices,” said Sen. Kraus. “This legislation makes sure the cities are really after safety, and not a backdoor revenue increase.”

For more information on these or any of Sen. Kraus’ bills for 2013, please visit www.senate.mo.gov/kraus.

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