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Here Is The Alias Email Account Loretta Lynch Used As Attorney General

It was Manufacturing: Stupid.

LEE’S SUMMIT, NOVEMBER 13, 2016 – To paraphrase William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton: It’s the economy, stupid.  In 1980 Ronald Reagan was elected president; he turned around the economy from the devastation of the Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter cycle of presidencies. … Continue Reading →

The Morning After

CBS: Covers Billary’s SNAFU of Honesty

HEALTH: Clinton Cough

Shocker: All Of The KKK Members In Hillary Clinton’s New Trump Ad Are Paid Actors

Foreign Policy, Perhaps no longer Obama Strength

LEE’S SUMMIT, SEPTEMBER 15, 2012 – Middle East unrest, conflicting messages, apologies, allies who aren’t then are again but maybe not, and the death of Americans serving their country all just one weak after the Democratic National Convention in North… Continue Reading →

David Letterman: A case for sexual harassment

What a bombshell!  Extortion allegedly and the sexy goings on behind the scenes are fun and games, till someone gets sued (or as my friends mom used to quip “till someone pokes an eye out”). In my 30 years in… Continue Reading →

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