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Coleman Ahead of Franken by some 295 votes: Amazing!

Every vote must be counted. It reminds me of an old saying, that beatings will continue until morale improves. Can it be that it has changed to the recounts will continue till the right someone wins? I hope not, I… Continue Reading →

Two Close Campaigns: Minnesota and Georgia

Today, Minnesota takes the headlines. Hard to imagine back in 2000 as things heated up between Bush and Gore that 8 years later we would be facing the same issues of recount, and questionable ballots. Government moves slow, but this… Continue Reading →

Senator Joe Lieberman Must Be Punished: Well, unless we need him.

My BLOG is only a few weeks old and it is typically focused on the GOP, the Conservative movement and how it can regain its prominent status. I did not expect to see this happen to Senator Joseph Lieberman the… Continue Reading →

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