LEES SUMMIT, NOVEMBER 16, 2016 – The YouTube video from Dion Alexander deserves to be broadcast far and wide.  His effort to share his opinion is worth passing on.

What I hear, loud and clear in his message is this:

  • Contradictions between words and actions diminish your message.
  • If you are afraid that the Trump supporters (after a loss) are going to riot in the streets, don’t riot in the streets when your side does not win – this time.
  • If you are promoting Political Correctness, don’t lose it when you are protesting.
  • Freedom is difficult, you are free to succeed, but you are also free to fail. You have the freedom to speak, but you have the freedom to listen.  Communication requires both.
  • There is the freedom to protest, and the freedom to go to work, neither should subvert the other.
  • You have the right (freedom of speech) to burn the flag of the United States, but you also have the right to defend it, for those who burn it. However, if you truly feel the US is not your home; consider leaving, and we’ll welcome you back (like the prodigal son) when you realize that when it is still far better here in the US, then elsewhere.
  • You have the right to vote; you have the right to push for your candidate – up and down the ticket. Now that the votes and the Electoral College (this is a “Representative Democracy” not a Direct Democracy) have concluded that we have the 45th president of the United States.  If you voted for him; he is your president.  If you voted for someone else; he is your president.  If you did not vote at all; you forfeit your chance to protest.  Your vote – and all those that did not vote for your candidate; may have put her or him over the top.  To quote President Barrack Obama’s excellent words: “Vote, don’t Boo.  Vote!”

I do not know Mr. Alexander.  I do not know if we’d agree on anything else.  However, in this case, in his own words, and in the message contained within his words and emotion, there is a lot of truth.  I respect him for his right to speak his mind.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Lee’s Summit Conservative

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0:00 Wow now we protesting really man I don’t
0:07 understand as is not Republicans out
0:10 there causing all this destruction you
0:13 know burning up the streets blocking
0:16 roads things like that the Liberals you
0:20 know these are the same people that are
0:23 gets the second women because they want
0:26 to decrease balance and nobody should
0:28 have guns the same people that a
0:30 anti-abortion because they want to save
0:33 lives that and you causing all this
0:36 destruction
0:37 just because your candidate loss see
0:40 that’s the problem with this country you
0:42 can always get your way
0:44 everybody wants to be politically
0:46 correct but being crybabies ain’t
0:49 nothing free you ain’t no slave you
0:51 don’t get your way so you like a
0:53 two-year-old brno people stuff
0:56 destroying the streets making people
0:58 late for work
0:59 man I’m glad I don’t live in New York
1:01 city of Washington to Oregon because I
1:03 would run what y’all asses over you are
1:06 outrageous land
1:08 you are the exact reason why Donald
1:11 Trump won the election because we’re
1:14 tired of you cry babies
1:16 you didn’t earn anything naughty you put
1:20 on a uniform but you’re quick to
1:22 disrespect the flag not want to say the
1:25 Pledge of Allegiance now want to
1:27 recognize the Bible but you want
1:29 everything you didn’t fight for anything
1:31 but you want it
1:32 it doesn’t work like that you know I
1:36 think it should be all these people out
1:38 there that want a protest and burn stuff
1:40 up I don’t think the cops should protect
1:43 obviously when people look at the flags
1:46 say that’s not my flag Donald Trump is
1:49 not my president
1:50 did you know what then obviously, this
1:52 ain’t your damn country leave find
1:55 another flag find another president go
1:58 to Mexico
1:59 I really don’t care but quit tearing up
2:01 stuff with causing destruction and
2:06 preaching peace because you’re
2:08 contradicting yourself
2:10 I’m Dion Alexander American first