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Where do we go from here?

Not as Republicans or Democrats but as a country? Two things struck me on election night relatively early on. The loss of Scott Brown to Elizabeth Warren and the loss of Wisconsin, the home state of Paul Ryan.  How does one… Continue Reading →

…feel safer now?

  Houston Texas, April 26, 2012 – Caution,  mad cows are on the loose! Kids with cerebral palsy pose an eminent risk to society!  Farmers don’t care about their kids. And the end of the world is coming in Dec. and might… Continue Reading →

Great site to get the FACTS on Obama’s Affordable Care Act! It cites a woman (Devon Grochowski) that had no coverage with her current employer but can now continue to work at her existing company, at least until she is 26, while her parent’s insurance covers her.  Why is it… Continue Reading →

Student Loan Delinquencies are Worse than Reported

MARCH 13, 2012 – Last week, Businessweek did some research on the 10% student loan delinquency rate number that was often cited by the mainstream media and the Obama Administration as having little difference between the overall delinquencies of other… Continue Reading →

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