Lees Summit, February 1, 2016 – It has been over a year since the last post. In that time we saw a great deal of political turmoil. May would-be leaders faded out in nova style. My own favorite, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker faded rapidly from number one in the poles to suspending his candidacy.

Marco Rubio has been up, down and all around, but now is making a final surge.

Ted Cruz climbed to the top of the polls only a month ago, only to fade to second place.

Dr. Ben Carson, once a leader in Iowa has drifted to fourth.

Jeb Bush and Chris Christie and the rest are further back. Nothing but optimism keeping their campaigns moving.

Today we find out in Iowa. Storm or no storm, the electorate of Iowa will make one choice and then a second. The first is simple: Do I attend the caucus tonight? Turnout will tell the tale of who wins and who does not. A strong turnout is said to favor Trump. A soft turnout tends to toss this into turmoil in both parties.

Good luck to the people of Iowa. Now we finally get to the point where the votes are counted and the pundits try to explain rather than predict.

The question in my mind ties back to one of my very first posts. In the end, all the way in the future to November: Will people vote for those who promise to pay them from the treasury, or for those who promise to fix the debt mess we are in?

Without a strong treasury, and a strong economy, the US will cede its power to others in the world. It takes a healthy bank account to run a long term economy. The US is truly at the crossroads of a socialist state, or a capitalist state. Berny Sanders “feel the Bern” and Hillary Clinton or will it be the capitalists in the Republican party?

The Democrat party has truly offered the most enlightening option to the Republican party. I wonder if free goods will win over true freedom?

Respectfully submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative.