LEE’S SUMMIT, NOVEMBER 11, 2016 – The main stream media, the same one that was found in the Panetta e-mails to be in collusion with the HRC campaign and the DNC, now continue to attack Trump.

USA Today:

  • Trump calls protests ‘unfair’ in first controversial tweet as president-elect

LA Times:

  • President-elect Trump addresses protests for first time, accuses media of inciting them

ABC News:

  • Anti-Trump Protests Sweep the Nation for a Second Night, Trump Calls Them ‘Unfair’

The Boston Globe:

  • Hours after calling protests ‘unfair,’ Trump posts message of unity


  • Donald Trump tweets about ‘unfair’ protests — then has second thoughts

Do you see a trend, a theme, and even a “talking point” being projected here?  It is an amazing coincidence that News editors, and Headline editors across 5 different and independent organizations come through with almost the same wording.

Let’s look at the two tweets:

Picture of Trump Tweets

The first Tweet:

Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!

The Second Tweet:

Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. We will all come together and be proud!

These two are being presented as diametrically opposed statements.  Yet, when you read through the Leon Panetta emails and you understand the ability to plan, set up, coordinate and execute a protest by the DNC, DNC support structures.  Additional support, provided by the apparently complicit mainstream media.

It is all about the paradigm set forth in our minds – that what the Media says, has to have some modicum of truth in it.  It is a false, or incorrect, paradigm.  It is a paradigm we must shed for our own sake, and for the sake of the venerable profession of journalism.

What I read in those tweets:

Yes, there are professional protesters in the groups coordinated efforts to delegitimize the Trump victory.  The professional element is promoting their own, hidden agenda, and that’s unfair.  They should come out, and clearly state we’re paid to protest, and here’s our agenda.

Further, the second tweet adds to the understanding that honest and upset voters are being drawn into this professional conflagration between the Globalists, and the America First factions.  Those individuals who are expressing their own, and personal frustration, are to be commended for doing so in a peaceful and constructive way.

When you have the passion that we had on both sides, honest passion for the candidates we supported, we’re going to feel let down.  Just like we feel led down at the end of game 7 of the Cubs vs. Indians world series.  The Indian fans wanted their team to win; and the extra inning loss hurt.

In the Presidential election, the true supporters have the right to express their opinions, to try to nudge things towards their perspective: On either side.

However, professional, agenda driven, protestors don’t have the same honorable reason for doing it:  They are simply collecting a paycheck.  The two are not on the same plane of honor and passion.

It is so sad to see the main stream media being so corrupt, so biased, and so determined to undermine the legitimately elected 45th president of the United States of America.  The Electoral College has had its flaws since the start; yet when it goes the way of Bill Clinton, and Barrack Obama it is a wonderful system.  However, when it goes the way of George Bush, and Donald Trump, it is an unfair system.

To the best of my knowledge – I challenge you to find contrary information – it took 270 electoral votes for Bill Clinton to win the election, the same for everyone since.  So why is it so different today?

I’m so perplexed by this, I cannot find legitimate comprehension of the underpinning root cause and agenda of this.

Respectfully Submitted

The Lee’s Summit Conservative.