LEE’S SUMMIT, JULY 13, 2017 – In almost 7 months of the presidency of Donald J. Trump the most common word in a headline has to be: Russia.  I say this because when I do a Google search using TRUMP and RUSSIA I get “About 37,900,000 results (0.30 seconds)” all the other options fall way short (Syria at 12.4 million).

Fact:  FBI’s Jim Comey  stated that President Trump was not part of an investigation.

Fact: Democrat Leadership knew this, yet did not stop from questioning whether or not Trump was under investigation.

Fact: Three CNN journalists resign over retracted Trump-Russia story

Fact: New York Times, Associated Press Correct Claims That All 17 Intelligence Agencies Agreed on Russian Interference

Fact: AP latest to retract claim that ‘17 US agencies’ confirmed Russian DNC email hack

There are more relevant facts:

Donald J. Trump Junior met with a Russian lawyer, admitted into the country by an “immigration parole” that can only be issued by the Department of Justice.  The DOJ was controlled at the time by the Obama Administration and Loretta Lynch.

The email chain that led to the meeting has been released to the public.  Shock and dismay is a typical response.  Read the emails and see if you are either shocked or dismayed by the content.

The New York Times, as does USA Today fail miserably in reporting the entirety of the news that is applicable to an ongoing story.  I truly do not mind the “anti-Trump” bias in a story.  It is obvious. It is impossible to hide in 2017.  It is natural that these once great journalistic endeavors would in a partisan environment would show partisan news.

These two behemoths fail by not publishing the other side of the story.  Publish the story from the view of Party A, and the view of Party B and limit the opinion to the OPED pages.

In my opinion, and this is only an opinion blog, the Trump Jr. story is 99% hype, and 1% Never-Trump.  Since so many of the stories, so often repeated, have been debunked with facts (look above), the news (the Never-Trump News) has to publish stories slanted towards the wrongs of Trump.

There are good stories to tell that are sufficient to upset Trump voters:

  • Repeal & Replace Obamacare – stuck in the mud in the Senate.
  • Tax Reform – Nowhere to be seen.
  • Border Wall – Where is it?
  • Reduction of Regulations (eliminate 2 for every new 1) – what’s the status? How many have been eliminated?

The new media bias, the progressive slant to a strong central government with a pleasing and docile media and a populace that goes along to get along in their own regions so they can be used one against the other seems to be the goal of the Never-Trump groups.

I don’t trust a strong central government.  I came from one in Argentina, and look how well the rich country that had enough money to lend after WWI has done since.

America – The United States of America – was designed by the framers of the constitution to avoid a strong central government (they hated a Monarchy) and the Progressives have made it their goal to bring back a strong central government, and diminish individual rights.

Franklin said it well, when he said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

We, the people of the United States, in order to gain some temporary peace have given up a bit of liberty to get Social Security; to get Medicare; to get Medicaid; to get health paid by others (insurance we call it); to protect ourselves from international terrorism by giving the government access to our phone calls, our e-mails, and our location.

How much for safety have we today, for all the individual rights we’ve surrendered just since World War II?  We lock our doors, we are slowed down going into large events, and we are inconvenienced when we board a plane, a train, or a ship (cargo or passenger).

I’ve come to realize that Benjamin Franklin truly understood the future so much better than we gave him credit for.

What options do we have?

Socialism:  Central Government deciding who gets what?

Communism: Central Government deciding who lives where, does and gets what?

Democracy: Central Government aspiring to grow large enough to decide who deserves what – after the politicians?

Americanism:  What our founders created: Limited government, and power to the people to decide who gets what, and lives where?

Which do you pick?

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative