LEE’S SUMMIT, FEBRUARY 10, 2016 – The Huffington Post heralded the victor of the New Hampshire Primary with the headline “WAY TO GO, N.H.! RACIST, SEXIST DEMAGOGUE WINS FIRST PRIMARY” so let’s see who won.

Picture of Huffington Post Headline

Huffington Post Headline and picture
Way to Go, N.H.!
Racist, Sexist Demagogue Wins First Primary

Turnout: 550,000 ballots were cast from a total of 883,000 registered voters. This is 62.3% of the potential voters that showed up to cast their votes.

Republican Ballots Cast: 282,000

Democrat Ballots Cast: 268,000


Republican Primary Results

Candidate Votes Percent %
Donald Trump (winner) 71,528 34.5
John Kasich 33,724 16.3
Ted Cruz 23,890 11.5
Jeb Bush 23,187 11.2
Marco Rubio 21,683 10.5
Chris Christie 15,787 7.6
Carly Fiorina 8,853 4.3
Ben Carson 4,762 2.3
76% Reporting

Democratic Primary Results

Candidate Votes Percent %
Bernie Sanders (winner) 143,017 60
Hillary Clinton 91,440 38.3
95% Reporting

Opinion pieces belong in the opinion section of news organizations. When the Huffington Post uses their headlines to express opinions they lose whatever small façade they have of being a true news organization.

I’m truly intrigued by the backhanded slap to 282,000 American Citizens for casting their ballots for the person they believe best fits their personal opinion of who should lead the country. The Huffington Post is attempting to intimidate voters – again, in my opinion, this is not the job of the Huffington Post or any other public entity.

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative