Lee’s Summit, June 23, 2010 – United States Army General Stanley Allen McChrystal ended his career today, tendering his resignation to President and Chief Commander of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, President Barack Obama: A sad ending to a brilliant career.

There is a great tradition in our country; it is a tradition of unwavering loyalty by the Military to the Civilian Leadership that can be traced all the way back to George Washington and the Newburgh Conspiracy of 1783.  A tradition that has proven over the past two hundred and thirty four years, to be the foundation of our military might.

President Obama has ultimate responsibility when it comes to military decisions.  He is the Commander in Chief of our armed forces.  However, with that privilege has to come some reciprocal respect.  Generals, like McChrystal, live with the consequences of the actions they take.  Soldiers are put in harms way and many die because of their orders.  A soldier has to believe that those up the chain of command are not going to waste neither the lives of their buddies, nor their own.

Our military leaders are held to a higher standard, but so is the President. Read More >>

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