I find it hard to believe that someone like Senator Obama, who has the most liberal record in the senate in his short tenure there, would be so blatantly pro redistribution of wealth. There are some fundamental values that all American’s share and those are that independent hard work pays off for everyone. The rugged individualist is still alive and well from Texas to North Dakota, from Maine to California’s silicone valley, from Miami to Seattle. We may argue whether or not there is a role for government but we all agree that we have a chance to succeed, if we work hard.

Now, comes Barrack Obama and he tells Joe the plumber that it is time to take some money from those who are doing well and give it to those who are struggling. Then here comes the 2001 WEBZ Chicago 91.5FM (click here to see the transcript) where it is clear that Obama felt, back in 2001 that the supreme court did not go far enough and should have made financial reparations. He laments that the court is not set up to do the needed redistribution of wealth in this country.

Tell me this; what is the record of every socialist country currently in the world? Are they a place where people (hard working people with vision and drive to achieve their goals) are working hard to get to? How about the number of people from all over the world who are trying to come to the United States? Why are so many trying to come here and “hacer America, make America”? I’m proud to be an immigrant to this country and I am proud of the efforts put forth by my parents to bring me here, not Europe, not Finland, not England, not Iceland, not France, not Germany, but these United States of America.

It is time to think carefully and think about who wins, who looses and who ends up harmed the most when you take from the success of some and give to those who don’t even try.

Do your homework, this is the most important election in over 147 years. Vote!

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