LEE’S SUMMIT, FEBRUARY 21, 2016 – Donald Trump wins the South Carolina Primary, and Jeb Bush suspends his campaign after coming in a distant fourth.

Candidate Percent Votes
Donald Trump 32.40%        239,626
Marco Rubio 22.40%          165,805
Ted Cruz 22.30%          164,683
Jeb Bush 7.90%            58,012
John Kasich 7.60%            53,164
Ben Carson 7.20%            53,277
Other 0.10%              1,073


Jeb Bush voters will have to choose from the remaining 5 candidates. Rubio’s 2nd place finish is interesting because Ted Cruz was projected to do well in the Bible belt with the evangelicals. Instead Marco Rubio comes in second to Cruz’s third. Surprisingly, Donald Trump has done very well with the Evangelical vote in South Carolina, if you compare it to the expected results.