The Blogosphere continues to buzz about how Congress is being held hostage by a few Republicans.  To those out there who need a refresher course, the Democratic Party controls the Presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate by vast majorities.

As I see it the Senate is split as follows:
Democrats – 58
Republicans – 40
Independents – 2 (one votes Democrat)

The Congress is split as follows:
Democrats – 257
Republicans – 178

With the vast majority in Congress (both the House and the Senate) How exactly are the Republicans holding anything hostage?

I personally think that the Country has realized that Government control of our Health Care system – whether by Republicans, or Democrats, Independents, Libertarians or any other party is a bad idea.  The problem is not the bill being proposed.  The problem is not any of the parties.  The problem is simply “Government”.  No one wants the government who has problems running Welfare, who has difficulty running the Social Security fund, or Medicare or Medicaid, running health care.  A resent article I read showed that 175,000,000 (that is million for those not used to such a small number) of Americans are covered by Employer based Health Insurance.  No one wants to give up a program that works for most of us, for a program that will be lousy for all of us.

To the Republicans in Congress I say: Focus on Tort Reform, and opening up the risk pools for the insurance companies and let competition take place across all 50 states.  Don’t try to propose a healthcare plan of your own, it will be government based and the people will hate it.

To the Democrats in Congress I say: Since you have the majority in place, take the vote and move forward.  I think the reason you don’t do that is because of an ex marine friend of mine says all the time “Fear and Common Sense”.  You fear – rightfully so – the backlash from the voters in 2010 if you pass any bill.  You also have common sense that tells you, if your constituents don’t like it, and if the general population is against it; then why vote for it?

No, the republicans are not holding anything hostage, only the Democrats have the power to push it through and they don’t need one single vote from a republican to do so.  What’s holding you up?

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative

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