Don’t faint; Bill Clinton had it right: “It’s the economy, stupid!”

What is the Federal Government here for?  I keep asking myself that question so that I can decide on how I wish to vote.  I’ve boiled it down to these simple things:

  1. Protection of its citizens from foreign or domestic peril.
  2. Establishment and protection of our borders.
  3. Enabling worthy businesses to thrive in a market unfettered by big government or special interests.
  4. Establishing fair laws that are constitutional and non invasive to the healthy growth of individuals or businesses
  5. Provide for the infrastructure necessary to conduct life and business

To me, the five points above are all about the opportunity to pursue happiness, the freedom to advance one self, and the security to know we’re safe inside our borders.

We, here in Lee’s Summit, are part of the 5th Congressional District.  We have a decision to make.  We can continue to elect Emanuel Cleaver as we’ve done since 2004, or are we going to look for someone that can prove their ability to represent?

I was looking at the most recent bills that Emanuel Cleaver sponsored:

H.R. 3599: Deposit Restricted Qualified Tuition Programs Act of 2009
H.R. 3600: To prohibit the sale and counterfeiting of Presidential inaugural tickets.
H.R. 1849: World War I Memorial and Centennial Act of 2009
H.R. 2589: Municipal Bond Insurance Enhancement Act of 2009
H.R. 3037: Financial Literacy for Youth Act of 2009

Look at each against my list up at the top, or the list you made for yourself.

How many of the bills he sponsored have anything positive to say about any of the five critical issues which boiled down to the economy?  None!  This election is not about how much pork you brought back to our district.  This election is about the economy and halting Congress’ runaway spending habits.

Emanuel Cleaver sponsored 66 bills in congress since 2005.  Only 2 of those made it out of committee, and 1 was enacted.

H.R. 3572: To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 4320 Blue Parkway in Kansas City, Missouri, as the “Wallace S. Hartsfield Post Office Building”.

His one and only “enacted” bill is to give a name to a post office?  Is that to enhance the economy?  Is that to protect the citizenry?  Is that to provide a good business environment?  How does that bill help Missouri provide jobs?  How is District 5 any better because he got the post office named?

We have double digit unemployment.  We have, according to his party, the worst economy since the great depression and he sponsors a bill to rename a post office and we’re to re-elect him for his contribution to the district?

Emanuel Cleaver has voted right along party lines.  He follows.

Emanuel Cleaver has co-sponsored bills with people that have not found his bills worthy of reciprocating (with only a very few exceptions).  He is a follower.

We need representatives that tirelessly and passionately represent the interests and needs of their constituents.  They are supposed to be our standard bearers who diligently champion the needs of their people.  It is a milquetoast champion who’s only war ribbon for political achievement is defined by the naming of a postal outlet.

It’s simple, like I said at the start and as shocking as it may sound, Bill Clinton had it right: “it’s the economy, stupid” and we truly need to get back to basics, we need someone that will help:

1)    Reduce taxes
2)    Eliminate government runaway spending
3)    Encourage Industry to create more jobs

We need to tell Representative Cleaver; thanks for the last 6 years, but no thanks we’ll try someone else.  Someone more committed to the economy and jobs in our State and in our District.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Lee’s Summit Conservative

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