Dear Senator McCaskill, and Senator Bond;

I just returned from a 12 day business trip to China, one that I found fascinating because of the legislative debate on the Health Care issue in America. I had the pleasure of meeting with 13 entrepreneurs and mangers that run 13 vastly different businesses that compete for their share of the US Automotive Aftermarket. They are very creative people, highly motivated, and understand the dichotomy of the governing system in China: A Communist Free Market Central Government. The concept itself is truly mind boggling. But it is one that can help us see options taken by governments at the other end of the political and economic spectrum.

China struggles with becoming a world economic power, and as people migrate from the old farming economy to the new and vibrant Free Market they are offered the opportunity at a better Health Care system; one provided by the private sector. I was surprised to learn this from a CCCTV program that went into great detail comparing the US Health Care Debate and where China is today. I confirmed with all our suppliers that they do provide health care which they tell me is better than what was offered by the government.

Further, I found out that there is one County, in one Province that has gone to full “Free Health Care” where people pay taxes, and they are to register in the Health Care system and they receive 100% free health care (paid by County Taxes and revenues from their very profitable Mining sector, something that other provinces and counties do not have).

I found it very interesting in the Report that China’s government is rather unhappy with the program in this one county because “it sets false expectations of the population”. They talked about how the Treasury could not pay for full free health care. This is a country that everyone would expect to have free social Health Care but they do not. They, China, understand the overwhelming costs of a full one payer health care system and they’re not going to burden their own economy with such costs.

If you look at the Root Cause of our increasing Medical Insurance cost, as I pointed out to Representative Cleaver, it is not “uncontrolled greed” by the insurance companies, nor by the doctors, nor by the drug companies. It is more driven by the uncontrolled legal system that allows runaway juries to award socially (as opposed to individually) unjustified punitive damages that have to be covered by the insurance pools. This drives the costs up for the drug companies, up for the doctors and thus up for the tax payer.

Health Care reform should be aimed at the true cause of this increasing costs, and not the symptom. If we treat the symptom (let’s say the headache) we may not fix the problem (the tumor) that is being reflected by the pain we feel. We must fix the problem by focusing on Tort Reform and by allowing the Insurance companies to compete nationally in nation wide pools, rather than the limited risk pools they are forced to use today (that by the way, the one payer system would not have to deal with since it would be nationwide).

Senators, as a voter who voted in the last election and will vote in the upcoming 2010 elections, I humbly ask you to vote against any Health Care Bill that addresses the symptoms and not the root causes. Vote NO on Health Care that creates a government run Health Care System. Vote NO on a bill that includes a SINGLE PAYER system. Vote NO on the current bills on Health Care.

It is time to stand up for America. President Obama’s approval ratings have fallen from an early high of 68% and is now down to 50%, ABC is reporting that this is the 2nd fastest drop in ratings since World War II. Further, Rasmussen reports that nationally only 36% of Democrats would vote for the incumbent democrat in their district. Congress and President Obama keep pushing a Legislative Health Care agenda the is wrong for America and Americans are letting everyone know that we’re not satisfied.

The most shocking result in the Rasmussen pole is that “If Americans could vote to keep or replace the entire Congress, 57% would throw out all the legislators and start over again.” Further, only 25% of those poled would vote to keep the Congress as it is. To my way of thinking, that is 75% of the people are unhappy with congress, and 57% have made up their minds.

Please Vote NO on the Health Care issue.

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative